City of Portage

Parks and Open Spaces 

The City of Portage has a total of 21 park and open spaces with 15 of those containing play and/or park structure developments.   
Bluffview Park
3.2 acre open space located on the western edge of the City and is bordered by Interstate 39. Acess to this open space is on Parkview Court.  
Blue Star Park
100 West Slifer Street (Map)
2.3 acre wayside park located on Hwy 51 and Slifer Street. Home of the Portage Veteran’s Memorial and hosts the City of Portage annual Memorial Day Celebration. Gazebo, shelter and picnic tables are all located on this park.
Bruce A. Smith Little League Complex
1208 Coit Street
7.6 acre youth baseball athletic complex which consists of three youth baseball fields, a restroom concession building, three batting cages and a playground. Portage Youth Baseball Inc. leases this facility for their operations and play a vital role in development of the complex. 

Cattail Park
510 West Burns Street –(Map) 1 acre park located at Burns and Armstrong Streets. This park is adjacent to St. Johns school and contains spring rider playground equipment, green space and a small picnic shelter.    

Collipp-Worden Park
226 West Slifer Street – (Map)   16.5 acre park located on Slifer Street, two blocks west of Hwy 51. This park is home to two shelters, flush toilet restrooms, three basketball courts, two tennis courts, two sand volleyball courts, two horse shoe pits, a softball diamond backstop and green space, a large playground with various age group equipment, electricity, water, charcoal park grills and more! This park is also home to the City of Portage disc golf course and has off street parking. In 2017 Fairway Independent Mortgage Company, the Nancy Lieberman Foundation and the Portage Boys Hoops Club joined forces to install one new sport court basketball court and two new colored asphalt basketball courts.           

Commerce Plaza (Map)
0.25 acre park area in downtown Portage was deemed a park by the City of Portage common council. It consists of a bathroom facility with small canopy area, park benches, trees and plant vegetation in flower beds. Located in the heart of downtown, this area is a beautiful natural area in a busy downtown! 

Goodyear Park
920 DeWitt Street – (Map) 2.7 acre park located between Dewitt Street and MacFarlane Road. This park features the Gary O’Hearn Recreational Complex and is home to the Portage splash pad and Porage Family Skatepark. The splash pad is operational from Memorial Day – Labor Day and is a free public amenity with hours of operation from 10 am to 8 pm. This park is home to a new restroom and shelter facility,  playground equipment, swing, picnic tables, water, electricity, and a large green space area. Goodyear Park also contains two monuments which honor those who served our country. 

Gunderson Park
574 Meadowlark Lane –(Map)  11.5 acre park located at the corner of Hamilton Street and Meadowlark Lane. This park is home to playground equipment and a gravel recreation trail that begins at the park entrance on Hamilton Street and runs through the entire park, across Portage Community School District property and ends near Divine Savior.

Lincoln Park
404 East Carroll Street – (Map) One acre park located on the corner of Monroe and Howard Streets. Lincoln Park is home to a picnic shelter, basketball court, playground set and public restroom.

11.3 acres (Map) This property is located on Henry Drive adjacent the Portage Municipal Airport. The land is dedicated parkland but currently hosts the City brush site.  

Pauquette Park
900 West Conant Street –(Map) 8.8 acre park located at the West entrance of the City along W. Conant Street and Highway 33. This park is named after Pierre Pauquette, a famous fur trader and translator for the French and Native Americans. The park contains two shelters, flush toilet restrooms, electricity, water, playground facility, basketball court, gazebo, flower garden, walking path and Bridal Pond. Many weddings and celebrations are held within this park including the annual July 4th celebration. Snow is cleared each winter on Bridal Pond to allow for ice skating activities. 

Pine Meadow Park
865 Hamilton Street – (Map) 4.5 acre park located on the north half of Hamilton Street. This park contains a fenced tennis court, picnic shelter, softball backstop with green space  and a large playground. This park is host to youth football activities in the fall. 


Riverside Park
300 East Wisconsin – (Map) 2.1 acre wayside park on E. Wisconsin Street next to the Wisconsin River levee. This park is home to a historic shelter erected in 1924 which displays the slogan, “Where the North Begins”. The park contains off street parking and an entrance to the 2.8 mile asphalt Levee Trail used for walking and biking. 

Rolling Hills Country Estates
10.5 acres located adjacent Gunderson Park on the corner of Hamilton Street and Meadowlark Lane. This open space contains a walking path that winds from Divine Savior, through school district property and connects to Hamilton Street. 

Rolling Hills Park
3.25 acre property located on the north eastern part of the City and contains a a vast amount of trees. No improvements have been made to this park property since it was dedicated to the City through development.  

Sanborn Park
922 West Franklin Street (Map)  1.3 acre park located on the corner of Sanborn and Carroll Streets and is formerly the home of the second brickyard in Portage. The park contains a picnic shelter, play equipment, basketball court and green space.               


Silver Lake Park and Beach
522 Silver Lake Drive  (Map) 2.5 acre park located on Silver Lake Drive. This park contains flush toilet restrooms, large open air shelter, playground equipment, public sand beach and swimming area, beach house with concessions and changing room, parking lot, boat launch and a fishing pier. The beach and swimming area is staffed with lifeguards from Memorial Day – Labor Day and is free to use. 

Sunrise Park
513 Hamilton Street – (Map) 5 acre park located on South Hamilton Street and commonly referred to as “The Gully”. This park is home to a large sledding hill in winter and contains playground equipment and a large green space. 

Sunset Park
1217 West Pleasant Street – (Map) 4.5 acre park located at Sunset and W. Pleasant Streets. This park contains a shelter, flush toilet restrooms, electricity and water, horseshoe pits, charcoal park grills, picnic tables, two swing sets and playground equipment. A gravel path winds through Sunset Park to a beautiful view of the Wisconsin River from one of the highest points in Portage at the peak of the park.  

Veteran’s Memorial Fields (Map) 40 acre park located between Superior Street and Wauona Trail. This park contains flush restrooms, shelter and concession stand facility, playground equipment, t-ball fields, soccer fields, fair grounds, grandstand and dirt race track. This park is host to the annual Columbia County Fair, numerous City-wide event celebrations and special events, along with Portage High School varsity soccer, Portage Youth Soccer and Portage Youth Baseball organizations. The Bruce A. Smith Little League Complex and Fritz Port Dog Park are also located within this complex. 

Woodridge Park
424 Winnebago Avenue – (Map)  4.5 acre park located on Winnebago Street in the Park Ridge subdivision. This park is home to a picnic shelter, playground equipment and a swing set.