Reservation Help

Set up your individual and family Profile

1. Click here to begin process of entering your Profile then click Continue.

2. Fill out all fields and click Submit to complete the Profile setup process.

3. Be sure to do this for ALL FAMILY MEMBERS who will be registering for or paying for (Parents/Guardians) programs. New family members can be added by going to your profile page and clicking the Add Household Member link.

Reserving a Shelter

1. To begin the reservation process, select the Facilities tab at the top of the screen, and then select Park Shelter Rentals from the dropdown list.

2. This will display the shelters that are available to rent. To see the descriptions and pictures of each shelter, click on the name of the shelter and it will take you to that shelter's description page. 
      3. To reserve the shelter that you'd like, click on the green Reserve button. This will take you to the            availability calendar for this shelter.
      4. Scroll through the months and find the date you would like to reserve the shelter.  Dates that are still  available for reservations will have a green Reserve bar. If you don't see the green Reserve bar on a date,      that means it is already reserved. Click the green Reserve bar to continue the reservation process.
      5.  Enter your Description of Use (ex: Graduation Party, Reunion, etc.), and the estimated Group Size.       After you have entered those two items, you'll see Weekday Rental or Weekend Rental (depending on       your date), along with the time frame you will be renting the shelter. All Shelter Rentals are for the entire     day (8:00am-10:00pm). Click on the downward arrow next to the time frame, and two prices will appear.      Click on the green + button, which will be next to the rate you are approved for (Resident or
      Non-Resident). Then select the blue Add To Cart button.
      6.  The next screen will show you everything that is in your Shopping Cart. Double check to make sure you have selected the correct Shelter and Date. If everything looks correct, select Go To Checkout.

Checkout and Payments

1. Reservations are NOT complete until you go through the Checkout process. If there are pending reservations in your cart, go to your Shopping Cart and click Checkout.

2. You will be directed to the Waiver and Facility Rental Form page where you must click Accept to continue.

3. Fill out credit card information and click Continue. You will then be presented with a summary of the transaction (including processing fees). Click OK to complete the transaction or Cancel to go back.

4. If you clicked OK, your credit card will be processed and the registration process will be complete.